Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Workshop

April 23d, 11h am PST Early bird price till April 1st

Are you ready for a power boost?
In this 3 – 4 hour online workshop I will show you your personal feminine
super power that helps you thrive instead of lacking energy in your daily
life so you can blossom into your awesome

I want to know more

Are you ready to awaken your innate womanpower and set your
frequency higher in this live online event?
I am doing this workshop specifically for women who want to awaken the sacred feminine to help healing their femininity in the same time.
Thus you can say good bye to:
– feeling depleted although you slept enough
– having no control over your emotions
– feeling like “killing” someone – aka good by pms days
– and so much more
An (unconscious) unwell womb can leave a woman frustrated, irritable,
short-tempered, emotionally unbalanced, lack of trust, disconnection
from self, which leads to a stressful living, suppressed expression and dull sexual life. Do you want to say good by to this version of you?
Yessss? – I hear you – Click here 

Who Is Tamoah

Hi gorgeous
I am Tamoah.
I hear you. Been there, done that. Oh boy… there is no other word that describes it but: what an absolute shite feeling, being trapped in that skin….
Badly wanting to get out of this feeling of “being a slave to the emotions”
I in time developed what I now call awakening the sacred feminine. I show you a shamanic breathing technique and guide you through a shamanic ritual to detach old trapped energies of your ex-partners (yes, they are stored in your energy field if you want it or not), we liberate your womb from negative influences and get insights into what your inner child and your subconscious want you to know.
Womb wellness is essential for every woman to awaken into her power & sovereignty.
Imagine how liberated you feel after this deep cleanse!!

I can`t wait to lead as many women as possible into their innate powerhouse! You, your partner, your children, your pet, your co workers, heck – the whole world needs you in your power!


P.S. You wonder what this powerfull, transforming hours cost? You can participate in this life changing 3 to 4 hour special event for the early bird price of only 150C$ till April 1st. After that: C$ 195.00

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