Awakening The Sacred Feminine

Did you know that an (unconscious) unwell womb can leave you frustrated, irritable, short tempered and emotionally unbalanced? It may also cause you to take on the role of the masculine in a relationship and life which creates a lack of trust, and a disconnect from self. This can lead to a stressful living situation, suppressed expression and a dull sexual life. Is it time to change that?

During this reading, with the wisdom of Akash of course, we’ll dive into all these issues and clear the womb on all levels.

Did you know the womb has an interconnected story with 7 generations of the matriarchal line as well as the energies of the partners that have connected with the cervix? In addition to your own experiences, your womb also carries many energies, traumas, contracts, and patterns that belong to others. If not attended and cared for, the energy in your womb can create havoc and chaos in your life.

Womb wellness is essential for every woman so she can step into her power and sovereignty.

For the awakening the sacred feminine process, have a list ready of all your exes and past lovers.

Book below – I can’t wait to help you liberate your womb from old (unknown) burdens.

A session lasts 120 minutes. Your investment: C$ 360