Akashic Record and Oracle Card Readings

When we are looking for guidance from our intuition within or from spiritual realms, Oracle cards are one of the tools we can use to get answers and insights. They serve as a communication tool between subconsciousness and the conscious.

Another source are the Akashic Records. Lets call them the “metaphysical google”. Whatever question you have, I can tap in and get the answers for you during an akashic records reading. You will never receive an answer of “do this or that” though. We humans always have our free will in deciding what we are doing with the received answers. You receive a guideline of what you might have missed in your awareness, what is important at the moment, where healing is needed or something you didn’t think of. I am always amazed about the wisdom that comes through and the ah-ha moments of my clients. Of course I like to combine these two powerful tools.

Over the years, I have created my signature style that combines the reading insights with a shamanic healing journey. It’s a very unique way of not only receiving messages and answers, but also implementing them immediately for releasing, reconnecting and healing. You do receive the recording of it, so you can repeat your healing journey as often as you wish. 

There are different aspects in life where it’s worth diving deeper. Here below are a few examples:

Besides letting your subconscious and body talk to you through the cards, we also get in touch with your inner child and womb. The wisdom of the Akashic Records is all the way with us. We’ll look at what has been stored in your womb for years that wants to be expressed. I teach you a shamanic breathing technique and guide you through a ritual of releasing the stored energies of all your exes and past lovers.

In this reading, we let your body talk to you. Your liver, your kidneys, etc. may have a surprising message for you! And of course the wisdom of the Akashic Records will talk to you as well. 

In our astonishing journey on Earth, we all go through heartbreaks. This can include loss of loved ones, break-ups, trauma, betrayal, and so much more. This reading gives you a tool to help activate your inner healing powers. The insights and guidance of your Akashic Records will help you along the way.

Remote Energy Healings

Did you know your life could be so much better if you learn about and understand your energy fields?

We all have energy fields which surround our entire physical body. Our energetic body (some call it aura) is vibrating in an individual frequency. This frequency, however, can be influenced by other frequencies.

Quantum physics research provides the framework for remote energy medicine of all sorts (Yes, there are many different kinds!).

We work remotely on a multidimensional level in the Quantum field. This improves:

  • immune response,
  • self healing and self recovery
  • releasing traumas
  • re-aligns body, mind and spirit
  • enhances well being and well feeling in general
  • health, relationships, etc.

Let’s use Einstein’s words from many moons ago:



Are you ready to take the next step?  It would be an honour to support you with:

During this Energy healing session we search for the root cause of your physical or mental or emotional issue. Your aura aka energy field will be cleansed, if needed so called aura surgery will be performed and we will remove entities and shadow parasites if there should be any. Dis-ease is defined as a state of stagnant energy. We can help your energy flow and bring your body to a state of ease once again.

We have explained about Soul loss and the importance of Soul retrieval here.

During this remote session we journey for you to find your lost Soul fragments. It is very individual how many fragments are lost. Each fragment has a story of its own. If a lot of fragments are missing, it can be that not all can be retrieved at once, as that would be a shock to your system. Once you are “complete” though, it radically restores your energy flow and works directly with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being. 

Knowing that all our organs are attached to our spine through our nervous system tells us just how important it is to have a healthy, aligned backbone.

All homes, offices, buildings, RVs, cars, land, etc. carry energy; either creating an uplifted environment of friendliness, love, harmony & abundance or creating a downward spiral of chaos, stagnation, dullness. 
An example:  A family that always argues in the home yet feels balanced and aligned outside the home.

With our Energy Healing tools we can help you create a harmonious home and working space where you like spending time!

Massages for Healing, Recovery and Beauty

If you happen to live in or travel trough the area where we dwell, or come to a retreat, you can benefit from my bodywork skills and healing massages to release tension on the physical level. Great to combine with energetic spine alignment.

My signature massage style with the background of Ayurvedic Massages (my favourite is the Marmapoint (similar to Acupoints) Massage), traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology and Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) helps against aching muscles, stiff tendons, compromised mobility. A massage is also a very good antidote against feeling stressed.

Spinal treatment is crucial for a flexible body. As you may know, all our nerves are connected to our spine. Having a healthy, flexible spine is a warranty for not feeling your age. I show specific back exercises for those in need of more flexibility or with chronic issues.

In my 30+ years that I have given massages I came across only a handfull of people that were resistent against healing. But it does exist. In those cases I love to offer the next level, the energetic level.

A face massage is also very relaxing and healing as the reflex zones and Marmapoints are connected with the rest of the body. The special effect is though that the face will undergo rejuvenation. Right ladies – we dont mind that… 

So while having the benefits of the nutrition rich oil and the massage techniques I use on your beautiful face, the rest of your body goes into relaxation as well. 
The oils I am using are helping against eczema, acne, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Yep, you saw that right. All natural, no harsh chemicals or weird procedures.
The secret? The face massage comes with a neck massage. No face muscle can relax if the neck muscles are tense. 


Get in touch now and let me know how much time you wish to gift yourself. 1 to 4h are available.

We can’t wait to see you thrive and blossom into your awesome!

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Sending infinite blessings your way!