Home Clearing

The land that the building is built on carries energies from the beginning of time. The energy (of fights) from tenants who lived there before you can create density in the space. In fact, every person that visits your home also carries their own energies and can leave imprints, attachments, etc. that can negatively impact your space, creating havoc, arguments, and more. This is why a home clearing can be so beneficial. 

Clearing and shielding the home, office, etc. is essential for an optimal living and working space. 

A home clearing can:

  • Clear your house, barn, land, etc. from dense energies and anything in the energetic realm that doesn’t belong there
  • Clear the energy of the land from past traumatic history
  • Create an energetic shield of protection 

The time it takes to perform a clearing depends on the size of the space. The minimum cost for a three-bedroom house or apartment without a garden is C$ 630

Once you have booked you will receive an email where we invite you to describe your circumstances. Also we would need a plan or blueprint (can be hand drawn) of the building, land, etc. that needs to be cleared. After we have worked with your property, you will receive a video with our insights and aftercare suggestions. 

The clearing is held remotely. This means you can book the session while you are sleeping should you be in another time zone.

Questions? Get in touch, we love to hear from you.