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Hello and welcome in our little shop for health where you find recommendations thus you can shop for health 😊

We did put together a few items or services that we find beneficial for daily life, for balance, for healthy skin, healthy nutrition, etc. We came across these products or services throughout our journey of constantly evolving and want to share our satisfaction with you.
We hope we covered as many possible aspects of daily life as possible. If, however, you are searching for something specific not mentioned here or can’t find it anywhere, let us know! We might find it for you and gladly add it to our list.

If you order these suggested and tested items, we earn a small percentage. We appreciate your support in our effort to put together outstanding products. Thank you!

Hello and welcome in our little shop for health where you find recommendations thus you can shop for health 😊


The older I, Tamoah, am getting, the more my skin wants to be pampered in lux. Having studied Ayurveda, my choice of course are nourishing oils. I came across this company and simply loooove their oils! For face, under eyes, body, hair – oils for every possible situation or just to pamper yourself and prevent premature aging skin. Check it out.

Don't forget to DRINK PLENTY!



When it comes to minerals in our bodies, it is sad to say but almost everybody is lacking one mineral in particular: Magnesium. Magnesium is needed for 300!! different biochemical processes in our body! Poor quality sleep? Fatigue? Brain fog? Feeling shitty in general? Now if you storm out to go buy a supplement or order it online you should know this: there are several different magnesium existing. Buy the one that really is being absorbed by your body. Check it out.


In Ayurveda, if there are issues with the ears, even there we work with oil. Just a drop can do the trick. Modern science has found a great formula. Hearing loss? Tinnitus? Check it out.


If you are anything like us, we looove to eat. But of course healthy, creative, with a vast variety and certainly NEVER boring. We eat plant based and if you are just starting out to change your diet for your health or if you would like some inspiration for your cooking mastery, we recommend this.

And because we really like to eat (well), here more inspiration.


Spending time in nature is so important! How about planting your own herbs? How about planting your own apothecary in your garden, balcony or planters? Find out here.

If you are like us and love to learn what mother nature and her apothecary has in store for us, we recommend this book. Packed with great knowledge and easy to use recipes, Find it here.

This resource helps you to identify wild growing plants and forage successfully


If you happen to belong to the people you would love to live off grid or to learn about it, here we have someone who can teach you exactly how it goes.



We all are breathing day in and day out. The power of breath and what you can achieve with conscious breathwork, you can learn here.


In yogic and vedic tradition Mantras are used to create a special ambiance. Sound creates vibration and vibration has an impact on everything. These Mantras are used to protect from negative energies. Don’t be shocked about the rather not so cute looking cover picture… Find here.


Unless you live in the woods, chances are high that you are constantly surrounded by EMF radiation. You can’t see it, can’t smell it, can’t hear it and yet its all around us.
Wifi, microwave, any electronic device, etc. How about protecting yourself from it? Find out here.


Are you active in the digital world? Do you need help with content writing? Guess what… AI seems to be the future. Find out here.