Why Soul loss occurs and the benefits of Soul Retrieval

Soul loss happens very quietly and takes the form of a constant feeling and experience of disconnection, not feeling complete, feeling lost, etc.

Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just does not heal. Some individuals have reported experiences of numbness, restlessness, feeling lethargic, empty, angry, exhaustion, confusion, dispirited, drained, depressed, hopeless, aimless, purposeless.

It is important to note, addictions whether it’s substance abuse, food, shopping, gambling, financial, or sexual are also a sign of soul loss.

These are only a small selection of the total possible feelings we carry when we disconnect from our Souls – that vital spark of life within us. 

What causes Soul Loss?

Here are some common examples:

  1. Any form of abuse, e.g. sexual, emotional, physical, mental
  2. Prolonged grief, pain and fear that made you feel helpless
  3. Deep seated addictions (substance dependency, eating, …)
  4. A near death or an out of body experience
  5. Being forced to act against your morals or values
  6. An experience of intense rejection or abandonment
  7. Witnessing the unexpected death of someone
  8. A sudden and shocking experience
  9. Entering a relationship without strong personal boundaries
    (resulting in an unhealthy relationship and losing you personal power) accident

Soul Loss initially happens to protect you rather than to hurt you. It’s a natural protective mechanism.

Think of animals in the wild like deer, squirrels, or polar bears. They use the ‘freeze’ response to play dead and preserve their lives (because predators can’t detect still prey).

The same thing occurs with Soul Loss: it’s a way for the mind to avoid the overwhelming suffering associated with trauma. Just as in animals, freezing (or losing touch with the openness of the Soul), is a natural analgesic.

However, at some point, we must shake off this freeze response – if we don’t, trauma follows. Soul Loss deepens.

In other words, when we neglect to reconnect with our Soul fragments we are left with a chronic feeling of unwholeness.

Eventually, the result may be battling ongoing issues such as anxiety, depression, immune deficiency problems, suicidal tendencies, various mental illnesses, and grief that refuses to fade.

To piece back together ourselves, we need to actively ‘retrieve’ the Soul

Once we’ve recovered these lost pieces of ourselves, we can experience many benefits such as:  

  • Feeling more grounded in our body and more “solid”
  • Feeling energized, awake, and more alive
  • Greater presence in the world
  • More awareness of our choices, behaviors, and decisions
  • Lightness and joy
  • Awareness of vast amounts of energy you didn’t know you had
  • Mental clarity and a new sense of hope
  • Physical wellbeing and less sickness
  • A sense of purpose and renewed direction
  • Deeper sleep
  • Overcoming addictive dependencies (drugs, food, work)
  • A new-found wholeness and sense of belonging